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DJ Mac presents “Dischord” Setlist for 11/21/17 8pm-11pm

DJ Mac presents “Dischord”
Setlist for 11/21/17

Subterfuge – Only The Righteous
Agura Matra – Good Night
This Cold Night – Wings Of Regret
Lost On Me – Protection
Ritual Howls – A Thoughtful Beast
Frozen Nation – Give Me The Perfect Song
Clan Of Xymox – Loneliness
Brotherhood – Until Every Tear Is Wiped Away
Colours Of Silence – Darkness (Remix)
Trisomie 21 – During All These Years
Astari Nite – Divination
New Party Army – Now You Know
Strap On Halo – Fearless
Animal Rojo – Cold Love
Double Echo -Escondido
Godless Procession – Nosferatu
Melanculia – Cat On The Roof
The Society – Tears
The Eden House – Words And Deeds
Dissonance – Want
This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren
Lycia – Baltica
Primitive Race – Take It All
Lock Howl – Her
The Flatfield – With Me
Sweet Ermengarde – Kisses (feat. Jörg Kleudgen)
Calling All Astronauts – Living The Dream
Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos – In Our World
The Mission – Tyranny Of Secrets
March Violets – Strangehead
The Sisters Of Mercy – The Damage Done
Rubicon – Brave Hearts
Jenn Vix – Unlocked
13-Monsters – I’m Sorry To Tell You
Disjecta Membra – Third Song
Salvation AMP – I Am The Flood
The Spiritual Bat – A Cure
Love The Ghost – Nobody Else
Gary Numan – Mercy
Nosferatu – Horror Holiday
Alien Sex Fiend – Stuff The Turkey


DJ Mac presents “Regression” Setlist for 11/20/17 9pm-11pm

DJ Mac presents “Regression”
Setlist for 11/20/17

Ultravox – Sleepwalk
Kim Wilde – Kids In America
Talk Talk – Today
Bauhaus – Telegram Sam
Romeo Void – Never Say Never
The English Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom
Bow Wow Wow – Chihuahua
Blondie – Union City Blue
Roxy Music – Over You
Scandal – Love’s Got A Line On You
David Bowie – Teenage Wildlife
Joy Division – Incubation
New Order – Dreams Never End
Human League – Life Kills
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Night Shift
The Psychedelic Furs – Pulse
Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods
Public Image Limited – Track 8
Ultravox – Passing Strangers
The Fixx – Red Skies
The Cure – Lament
Yaz – In My Room
Japan – In Vogue
The Teardrop Explodes – Passionate Friend
Echo & The Bunnymen – Villier’s Terrace
Oingo Boingo – Nothing Bad Ever Happens
The The – Uncertain Smile
Adam & The Ants – Antmusic
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Electricity
Duran Duran – Careless Memories
Gary Numan – We Are Glass
Ultravox – Vienna

DJ Mac presents “The Cutting Room” Setlist for 11/18/17 8pm-1am

DJ Mac presents “The Cutting Room”
Setlist for 11/18/17

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – War
Joy Division – Transmission
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
Double Echo – Period Rooms
13th Moon – Under The Mask
Death Party UK – Hellfire Rock’n’Roll
After Dusk – End Of Our Days
The Wake – Nazarene
The Gun Club – Come Back Jim
Lost On Me – New Beginnings
This Burning Effigy – Lantern + Affliction
The Electric Hellfire Club – Highway To Hell
Alien Sex Fiend – Silver Machine
Hawkwind – Spirit Of The Age
Animal Rojo – Cold Love
The Hate Ash Buried – Falling Down
Sounds Like Winter – Porcelain
Conjure Wives – Memory
Empathy Test – Losing Touch
Dissonance – New Dawn Fades
Cocteau Twins – In Our Angelhood
Jenn Vix – Complicated Man
The Spiritual Bat – Your Own World
Double Echo – Water’s Edge
Then Comes Silence – Spinning Faster
B-Ward – Beautiful World
Lotus Feed – Chance
Antipole – Narcissus
Melanculia – Fabulous Land
Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby
The Eden House – Let Me In
Primitive Race – Take It All
Near Earth Orbit – A.T.O.M.
Haujobb – We Must Wait (feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer)
Gary Numan – The End Of Things
Front 242 – Quite Unusual
The Burning Giraffe – Railroad
The Flatfield – Fall
Jesucrisis & Lisa Miles – Insuficiente Tentacion
Two Witches – Eternal Passion
Project Pitchfork – Steelrose
Godless Procession – La Espera (The Wait)
Kalt – The Key
Silent Echo – Endemonium (Land Of The Damned)
Fields Of The Nephilim – Preacher Man
Golden Apes – Ignorance
This Cold Night – The Divide
The Rope – Suffer
Sweet Ermengarde – Kisses (feat. Jörg Kleudgen)
Brotherhood – Shadows
Terminal Gods – Electric Eyes
Soft Kill – Frankie
The Mission – Damaged
Trisomie 21 – Alice
Dead Eyes Opened – Butterflies
Low Blows – Sick About Love
She Past Away – Rituel
New Party Army – Now You Know
Agura Matra – Good Night
Love The Ghost – Nobody Else
Astari Nite – The Girl Who Tried
Hearts Fail – Promises
Frozen Nation – The Cry
Holygram – Still There
Red Sun Revival – Miracles
The Cure – Us Or Them
Big Electric Cat – Black Water

DJ Mac presents “Regression” Setlist for 11/6/17 9pm-11pm

DJ Mac presents “Regression”
Setlist for 11/6/17

Clan Of Xymox – Stranger (Live)
Soft Cell – Where Was Your Heart (When You Needed It Most)
Christian Death – Figurative Theatre
Christian Death – Electra Descending
Nina Hagen – My Sensation
Adam & The Ants – Desperate But Not Serious
Pale – False Actions
Ministry – I Wanted To Tell Her
Depeche Mode – People Are People
Bow Wow Wow – Lonesome Tonight
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Perfect Skin
Big Country – Harvest Home
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Persona Non Grata – The Heirs (Part 1)
Play Dead – This Side Of Heaven
Christian Death – Temple Of Desire
Christian Death – The Path Of Sorrows
Cocteau Twins – Speak No Evil
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
Ultravox – Hymn
Japan – Nightporter (Steve Nye 7″ Remix)
The Glove – Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo)
The Cure – Just One Kiss
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cascade
The Dream Syndicate – When You Smile
The Chameleons – Dali’s Picture
Bauhaus – Third Uncle
Christian Death – The Blue Hour
Christian Death – Romeo’s Distress

DJ Mac presents “The Cutting Room” Setlist for 11/4/17 8pm-1am

DJ Mac presents “The Cutting Room”
Setlist for 11/4/17

Dissonance – Want
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Shadowtime
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
The Danse Society – Clock
Wild Roses For The Exit – Chasing The Ghost
Children On Stun – Downfall
David Bowie – Never Get Old
Red Sun Revival – Broken
Sweet Ermengarde – Near Dark
The Mission – Can’t See The Ocean For The Rain
Sad Lovers And Giants – Imagination
Dead Eyes Opened – Sentimental
The Rope – Suffer
Two Witches – The New Black
Atrocity And The Complications – Strange Apex
New Party Army – Now You Know
The Eden House – Misery
Rain Tree Crow – Cries And Whispers
Kali Ra – Crystal Night
Terminal Gods – Movement
Whispers In The Shadow – Never Go
Veil Of Light – Pale Eyes
Then Comes Silence – Strangers
Calling All Astronauts – Empire
Iggy Pop – Cry For Love
Public Image Ltd. – Whole Life Time
Rose Of Avalanche – Gimme Some Lovin
Gary Numan – Ghost Nation
Project Pitchfork – And Then There Will Be A Light
Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Lonely One
Christian Death – Sleepwalk
The Cure – 10.15 Saturday Night
The Cure – A Letter To Elise
Jesucrisis – Sangre Y Piel
The Spiritual Bat – Intimacy
The Last Hour – Deadline
Chiron – Close My Eyes
La Scaltra – Lucian
Double Echo – High Wind
NFD – Light My Way (The Fog Descends)
Sounds Like Winter – Blood Red
The Wake – Nazarene
London After Midnight – Love Song
The The – Dogs Of Lust
The House Of Usher – Take My Hand
MGT – Drive And Forget (with Ricky Warwick)
Actors – Bury Me
This Burning Effigy – Her Own Volition
The Flatfield – Spear Of God
Rosetta Stone – Come Hell Or High Water
Lisa Miles – Zeta Cuore
Aeon Sable – … Dawn Of An Era
Your Life On Hold – Phoenix
Primitive Race – Take It All
Current 93 – Earth Covers Earth
Strap On Halo – When They Come For You
Bella Morte – Water Through Sand
The Hate Ash Buried – Falling Down
Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos – Venus
Remain In Light – Poem In Sepia
Godless Procession – Nosferatu
Canis Lupus – Black Magic Dance
Second Still – Recover
Pink Turns Blue – When The Hammer Comes Down
Lost On Me – Protection
Ritual Howls – Bound By Light
Placebo – My Sweet Prince
She Past Away – Katarsis
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller

DJ Mac presents “Dischord Halloween” Setlist for 10/31/17 8pm-11pm

DJ Mac presents “Dischord Halloween”
Setlist for 10/31/17

The Birthday Party – Release The Bats
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Halloween
Astari Nite – The Witching Hour
Ian Lowery – Smother Me
Date At Midnight – Black Ashes
The Spiritual Bat – A Cure
Joy Division – Dead Souls
Bauhaus – Hollow Hills
The Sisters Of Mercy – Torch
Ritual Howls – Blood Red Moon
Blood Penny – Secret Spell (w. J.P. Koester)
UK Decay – Unexpected Guest
Play Dead – Poison Takes A Hold
T.S.O.L. – Red Shadows
The Wake – Sideshow
Solemn Novena – Trick Or Treat
Folk Devils – Beautiful Monster (John Peel Session)
Severance – The Curse On You
Lost On Me – New Beginnings
The Hearse – The Rapture
The March Violets – My Demons
Brotherhood – Blood Runs Cold
Type O Negative – Black No. 1
The Legendary Pink Dots – Hellowe’en
Alien Sex Fiend – R.I.P.
The Marionettes – Ave Dementia
Xmal Deutschland – Sickle Moon
Nosferatu – Uninvited Guest
The Flatfield – The Exorcist
Jesucrisis – Vampiro
Two Witches – Vampire EmpireThe Seraphim Rising – Raise The Dead
Hearts Fail – Victims
London After Midnight – Black Cat
Christian Death – Procession
Faith And The Muse – Old Souls
The Rope – Touch Of Ghosts
Peter Murphy – I’ll Fall With Your Knife
The Mission – Spider And The Fly
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
The Cure – Burn

DJ Mac presents “Regression” Setlist for 10/30/17 9pm-11pm

DJ Mac presents “Regression”
Setlist for 10/30/17

Peter Murphy – Fun Time
Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Killing Jar
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Hollow Eyes
The Southern Death Cult – The Crypt
The Jesus And Mary Chain – You Trip Me Up
The Dream Syndicate – Halloween
Music For Pleasure – Grey Parade
Burning Skies Of Elysium – Alone
Lords Of The New Church – Dance With Me
Gene Loves Jezebel – The Motion Of Love (Jezebel Mix)
The Chameleons – Swamp Thing
Virgin Prunes – Alone
Shriekback – Nemesis
New Model Army – All Of This
Ghost Dance – Last Train
Oingo Boingo – Pain
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Blow (Hard Press Mix)
The Sisters Of Mercy – Walk Away
Death In June – She Said Destroy
Bauhaus – The Sanity Assassin
Public Image Limited – (This Is Not A) Love Song
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Deanna
Dead Can Dance – Carnival Of Light
Cocteau Twins – Feet-Like Fins
The Mission – Serpent’s Kiss
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Yo-Yo Man
The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Cure – The Blood
Wire – Ahead
Clan Of Xymox – A Day
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Chance

DJ Mac presents “The Cutting Room” Setlist for 10/28/17 8pm-1am

DJ Mac presents “The Cutting Room”
Setlist for 10/28/17

Specimen – Hex
45 Grave – Your Problem
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
New Party Army – Now You Know
Screaming Dead – Night Creatures
Long Night – Winter
The Beauty Of Gemina – Crossroads
Clan Of Xymox – I Couldn’t Save You
Hapax – Cave
The Cure – Fascination Street
The Illusion Fades – Full Of Fire
The Wake – Watchtower
Jenn Vix – Alive Again
The Eden House – Verdades (I Have Chosen You)
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Israel
Wayne Hussey – With Or Without You
The Daughters Of Bristol – Of Ash And Wake
Severance – At The Doorway
Love Like Blood – Mercy Killing
The Realm – Fall
European Ghost – Pale And Sick
Animal Rojo – Cuervos Voraces
Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker
Peter Murphy – Surrendered
Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin
Stigmata – Darkness
Frozen Nation – Alone In Berlin
Brotherhood – All That’s Left For Me Is To Kill My Pain
The Membranes – The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Protons Of White
Sons Of Neverland – Amnesia
Veil Of Light – Pale Eyes
Ritual Howls – Nervous Hands
Two Witches – We All Fall Down
Christian Death – Spectre (Love Is Dead)
March Violets – Crow Baby
Sex Gang Children – I’m Bored
Alien Sex Fiend – I Walk The Line
Lost On Me – Protection
The Rope – Suffer
The Flatfield – Fall
Holygram – Distant Light
Sixth June – Fade
No More – Silent Revolt
Dissonance – Desolation
The Spiritual Bat – The Human Museum
Ascension Of The Watchers – Evading
Lock Howl – Graveless
Fields Of The Nephilim – At The Gates Of Silent Memory
The Rain Within – Murder
The Sisters Of Mercy – Floorshow
13th Moon – Under The Mask
Aeon Sable – Hypaerion
Hamsas XIII – Fractal
Strap On Halo – When They Come For You
This Cold Night – Falling Apart
Jesucrisis – Necrologia Del Amor
Whispering Sons – Time
Rosetta Stone – If Only And Sometimes
Terminal Gods – Shine
Shadow Project – Maybe Someday
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard – Burning Skulls
Attrition – The Mouthless Dead
Einstürzende Neubauten – Halber Mensch
Sweet Ermengarde – Ex Oblivione

DJ Mac presents “Dischord” Setlist for 10/24/17 8pm-11pm

DJ Mac presents “Dischord”
Setlist for 10/24/17

Voltaire – Hell In A Handbasket
Jenn Vix – Nerve
The Last Cry – The Night That I Saw You
Double Echo – Darkroom
Whispering Sons – Time
Brotherhood – Until Every Tear Is Wiped Away
Pink Turns Blue – Can’t Be Love
The Twilight Sad – Sometimes I Wished I Could Fall Asleep
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – People Ain’t No Good
The Wake – Burial (Partially Exhumed Mix)
The Mission – Absolution
The Sisters Of Mercy – Alice
Jesucrisis – Vampiro
Ritual Howls – Bound By Light
The March Violets – Grooving In Green
The Rope – Suffer
Dead Eyes Opened – Tyrants
Astari Nite – The Witching Hour
New Model Army – Die Trying
Salvation AMP – Echoes Of Summer
Kalt – The Zombies
Clan Of Xymox – Loud And Clear
Lost Tribe – The Laughter
Big Electric Cat – Bed Of Nails
Peter Murphy – Low Room
The Illusion Fades – Full Of Fire
The Spiritual Bat – Nine
The Awakening – The Dark Romantics
Sweet Ermengarde – From Beyond (Sleep Is Better Than Prayer)
Christian Death – The Drowning
Silent Scream – Do It Right
Aggressive Attack – Saints & Angels
Frozen Nation – The Cry
Covenant – Sound Mirrors (Fulwell)
The Flatfield – Spear Of God
13th Moon – Under The Mask
Bauhaus – St. Vitus Dance
Fields Of The Nephilim – Prophecy
The Realm – Morbid Angel
She Past Away – Katarsis (Ash Code Remix)
Holygram – Distant Light
The Secret Post – Let’s Pretend Tonight

DJ Mac presents “Regression” Setlist for 10/23/17 9pm-11pm

DJ Mac presents “Regression”
Setlist for 10/23/17

Talk Talk – Mirror Man
Altered Images – Dead Popstars
Modern English – 16 Days
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Into The Light
Gary Numan – This Wreckage
The Sound – Fatal Flaw
The Teardrop Explodes – Passionate Friend
Wall Of Voodoo – Good Times
A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
Joy Division – Komakino
Mi-Sex – Inside You
Wipers – Pushing The Extreme
The Jam – That’s Entertainment
Cuddly Toys – Action
I’m So Hollow – Touch
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
John Foxx – 20th Century
Duran Duran – Anyone Out There
The Psychedelic Furs – All Of This & Nothing
David Bowie – Fantastic Voyage
Wire – I Am The Fly
The Fall – Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
Echo & The Bunnymen – Crocodiles
The Cure – Primary
Shriekback – Accretions
Bauhaus – Kick In The Eye 2
Romeo Void – Wrap It Up
The Motels – Mission Of Mercy
Elements – Stranger In Town
Billy Idol – Hot In The City
Missing Persons – Destination Unknown
Talk Talk – Today